Sports Fields Akrilik

Acrylic floor is a water-based coating and is applied on a hard surface. It is aimed to obtain a hard and smooth floor as a result of acrylic flooring. Acrylic floor coverings, especially used in outdoor sports fields, can be built on concrete or asphalt floors.

Poliüretan Zeminler


Polyurethane floor covering; It is a layer of polyurethane (a type of polymer) applied to the surface of a material to protect it. A polyurethane coating can protect the base material from corrosion, wear, tear and other processes that will degrade the material over time.


Epoxy Floors

The smooth appearance of epoxy products is used to cover the undulations and faults that occur on the floors. Epoxy primer primer is applied to the floor, which is purified from all dust, dirt and moisture. In this way, it is ensured that the floor is resistant to moisture and that the layers that will come after this layer are well bonded. After the epoxy primer completes its curing, the floor covering is finished with epoxy self leveling, which provides a smooth appearance, or if a slightly rough finish is desired on the floor, with orange pattern epoxy self leveling.

Floors Tartan

Tartan flooring; It is a rubber-based coating made of granule and polymer materials applied to all areas where softness and aesthetics are desired.

Tartan floor or tartan runway coatings are flexible coatings with absorbent feature of suspension, in desired color and pattern, with high abrasion resistance, supported with anti-oxidants against discoloration, suitable for outdoor conditions.



It is applied on concrete surface for waterproofing purposes. While it is applied for waterproofing purposes, it also provides resistance against UV, chemicals and abrasion, especially in areas such as parking lots and terraces.


Our commercial life, which we started in 1993 with contracting and construction works, has been continuing in the manufacturing sector since 2003.

He tended towards not only the assembly but also the production of sports floor coverings, which he sees in our country, which is almost entirely dependent on imports.

The R&D laboratory it established and its experience from the application have come a long way in a short time. Laboratories he worked abroad increased his exports by certifying his products.

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